Unboxing and the first things you want to know.

After opening the box, the first thing you probably will do is prepare the carrycot for use. Attach the fabric of the carrycot to the frame. This frame will later be used for the seat unit as well. If you follow along with the steps shown in this video, it will be a piece of cake!

When the carrycot is ready, gently iron out any creases in the sun hood with a steam iron. This also works for the other fabrics. This way the stroller will look great!

Complete demonstration

In this 6 minute demonstration, everything you need to know about The Jiffle wagon is explained step by step. Using the carseat, carrycot, seat, The Jiffle board and of course The Jiffle cart. The fabrics is changed so you can use the seat and you will see the great big luggage space and unique suspension. You will know how to adjust the height of the push handle and how all the buttons work. There are folding options, great! You will learn to choose which folding option fits you best in any situation.

Most important, The Jiffle wagon is very easy to assemble, so let’s have a look.

Carrycot ventilation


Good ventilation is very important. The carrycot allows you to adjust the ventilation to the needs of your baby.

Fabrics can be opened from the inside with zippers, to adjust the ventilation. You can now also see your baby from the side very easily.

Folding with a full luggage area


Full with stuff and don’t feel like to take it all out? You don’t have to.

If you have a little more room in your car, there’ s no need to empty the luggage area of The Jiffle wagon. You can fold it, together with your stuff inside. How convenient!

Fold it as small as you like demo video


A little less space in your car, or do you want to store The Jiffle wagon at home, it can be very compact.

How compact you want it to be is up to you!

The Jiffle board, how does it work?


The ride along board is there when you need it, and out of your way when you don’t. Your child can ride along when he or she wants to. Have a look.


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Change the carrycot for the seat


Once your baby can sit up straight, at about six months, it’s time to use the seat. The fabric of the carrycot can be replaced by the fabric of the seat, as you will be using the same frame.


Stroller ├índ wagon cart – demo video


The Jiffle cart, that’s what we call it. It is always available for you to use. Leave the seat off for a while and take the cart for a trip, your child will know how to use it!


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