Baby Innovation Award 2023

The best stroller.

Winner Innovation Award 2023
Winner Innovation Award 2022

Innovation Award 2022


A life with kids is a life with more! More to learn, more to love and more to carry.
The Jiffle wagon is made for your more!


Our carrycot has the best ventilation and the best view, for your baby and for you. A unique suspension, directly under your child. This works immediately with your car seat, together with our car seat adapters and of course with the carrycot and seat. Always a comfortable walk together. Lots of space for your stuff, can be closed neatly and always easy to reach. Can be used for a long time, because brother, sister, nephew or niece can hitch a ride on The Jiffle board. There is even space for a second child, because The Jiffle wagon is also a duo wagon. Even more? Yes, The Jiffle wagon can also be used as a wagon cart and you always have it with you. That’s The Jiffle wagon, how do you Jiffle?


Iris K

'This stroller is perfect on spring and summer days, the sun can be kept out at all times. In addition, sufficient oxygen reaches the child through all the gauzes that the wind can blow through'
Trustpilot review

Martine K

'The perfect stroller if you already have a toddler. Especially the built-in wheeled board is ideal. You don't kick against this while walking and you don't have to walk crooked behind the stroller.'Trustpilot review

Iris van O

'The all-in-one stroller if you ask me. Everything has been thought of and we can easily transport our 2 children aged 1 and 3. Whether they are sitting, standing or lying in the wagon, they love it and so do we as parents. The shopping area is big and the wheeled board ideal!'Trustpilot review


The 6 in 1 stroller.

More than a 3 in 1 stroller, as this is the only and first 6 in 1 stroller on the planet! Can be used for a long time, has space for all your stuff.  Ready for all your new adventures. Simply the best stroller and therefore rewarded with the innovation award 2022 in Germany at the Kind und Jugend fair!

  • For your car seat with our car seat adapters.
  • carrycot with the best ventilation
  • A seat with an easily washable seat and immediately a summer seat.
  • A duo stroller with an extra seat for extra comfort.
  • The Jiffle board is already integrated, so you don’t need to buy anything extra. It’s ready for use.
  • The Jiffle cart! Your kids will explain it to you. They can climb in and out themselves. More fun!

For your car seat.

Your car seat will fit onto our frame together with the use of our car seat adapters. There is a lot of space for your stuff. The luggage area is easy to fill from the front and back and can be closed with two zippers. The fabric is water repellent and easy to wash and clean by hand.

The best ventilated carrycot.

Your baby lies wonderfully in the carrycot, thanks to the fine and easily adjustable ventilation. You can open it on both sides, for optimal ventilation. No draft at the head side area, but fresh air from the sides. The fine suspension gives you that comfortable walk together, enjoy!

A seat for all seasons.

The removable seat is easy to wash or during hot days you can simply leave it out. You then immediately have a summer session. The seat face both directions, toward you or your child can see the world. A rest and sleep position and an extra large sun hood. This will protect your child’s eyes against low sun. Your child is safe inside the seat with the soft shoulder and hip straps. They are easy  to fasten, open and to adjust in height.

Yes, it’s a duo stroller too!

Lots of space for your stuff and this space is also easy for your second child to sit inside. A duo stroller. The Jiffle wagon has an enormous load-bearing capacity, because we use a welded aluminium frame and lightweight bamboo boards. It can take up to 60 kg. Use the Cart Seat accessory to sit extra comfortably. If you leave the cover on, your child will sit nice and warm, just in case the weather is a bit cooler.

The Jiffle board

It looks like a skateboard! And that’s fun it is. Your child will jump right on. The best part is, that you can keep walking behind it without any problem. A correct walking posture is very important for your body. When you also have a child in the duo area, then you are now on the road with a trio stroller! Maybe we should say, 7 in 1 stroller…or 8, because  you don’t need a buggy anymore.

The Jiffle cart

It’s a wagon cart, what a freedom! You always have it with you. Use it when you want and how you want to. Your kids love this. They climb in and out themselves. No explanation needed. Or for your stuff during another adventures. We like to give you the freedom to use The Jiffle wagon however you want. Explore more!

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