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A life with kids is a life with more! More to learn, more to love and more to carry. The Jiffle wagon is made for your more!

The Jiffle wagon will join you on your adventures. Your baby feels very comfortable in the carry cot. The ventilation can be adjusted to your child’s needs. Suspension sits directly under the carrycot and seat. More comfort on your trips. Plus, there is plenty of space for all your stuff. Brother or sister can hitch a ride and you can use the wagon cart whenever it suits you! That’s The Jiffle wagon. How do you Jiffle?

The Jiffle wagon

Your child can just hop on board and hitch a ride.

Room for your stuff!

How do you Jiffle ?

We’d love to see your experiences.

The Jiffle experience

We like to call walking with your baby: “Let’s Jiffle”.


Your baby feels very comfortably in the carry cot and seat, because of the specially designed ventilation. The smooth suspension gives you comfortable trips. The seat liner is easy to take out and wash. On hot days you can even leave it out completely!

Ride along board

Your child can hitch a ride during a walk, that's great! The ride along board is there when you need it. It's easy to slide out and back in again when you don't need it.

Wagon cart

Freedom! You can always use the wagon cart whenever you want and any way you choose. Your children will love it. They can climb in and out on their own. No help needed. Or just to carry your things during another adventure.

Sense more

So much to be discovered, just climb in!