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The only 6 in 1 stroller.

Winner Baby Innovation Award 2022 & 2023!
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Large ‘all terrain’ front and rear wheels.

Ride comfortably on all surfaces, no problem! Anti-puncture tyres with good profile. Suspension on front wheels and directly underneath your child in carrycot and seat. Suspension, where suspension is needed most. And this works with your carseat too, ins’t that great!
Visit beach, park or city, it’s now even more easy and comfortable, with The Jiffle wagon 2.

Duo stroller and wagon cart.

The Duo & Cart seat accessory now has a 3-point harness. With the same soft shoulder pads en buckle as the main seat, it is even more safe and comfortable.
Just climb in and out the wagon cart! Enjoy the view en the easy of use together. All tested according to the latest safety standards and very safe to use.

A joy to use

With our superb under carrycot and seat suspension, every walk is a breeze. It’s possible to hang a toy on the inside of the hood and the cover can be opened towards you for easy acces to your baby. With our large canopy with good ventilation, sunshine will not shine in the eyes of your baby. The carrycot can even be ventilated from both sides. All adjustable to your wishes. This is what makes The Jiffle wagon unique and a joy to use.

Beautiful details.

Handle grips are detailed with beautiful vegan leather. Feels good for small and bigger hands. The best view for your baby and for you of course. Ventilation is can be adjusted easily to your wishes. While sitting in a restaurant together, your can look at each other, close and comfortable.  Open in the summer and closed in the winter or maybe one side open to protect your baby against the wind. At home you probably leave it all open, in the livingroom or next to your bedside. Sleep well!

Still different and awesome.

Room for all your stuff, because a life with kids is a life with more. A ride along board and wagon cart are included. You have everything you need in one stroller! Always with you, use any option when it suits you.
Simple and easy, just like that. Durable trough very, very, long use.

A life with kids is a life with more!