Stroller, duo, ride along board and wagon cart combination!

The Jiffle wagon with carrycot

Good ventilation is super important! Open the sides in summertime, closed them in winter. Together with our breathable mattress and the unique suspension, it’s safe and comfortable for your baby.

The Jiffle wagon with seat

Hitch a ride!  Use The Jiffle board when you need it. Just slide it out, ready to go and never in your way. Keep walking straight behind your child, no problem.

The Jiffle wagon as cart

What a freedom! You always have The Jiffle cart with you. Your kids love this. They can climb in and out themselves. No explanation needed. Or just as easy, bring your luggage during another adventure. 

Duo stroller

Lots of space! Sturdy due to a bamboo base and lightweight aluminum frame. Not only for all your stuff, but use it as a Duo stroller! The Duo & Cart seat accessory now has a 5-point harn. Safe and comfortable with it’s soft shoulder straps.


Hitch a ride

Our board is integrated into the frame. You don’t have to install or purchase anything. The material is made of sturdy and durable bamboo, with good grip, so that your child does not slip. Skateboarding is what the designer did a lot (sometimes still does). You may recognize that pleasure in the design.
Your child stands on top of the rear axle when you use the board. This is possible because our stroller is welded and is therefore very strong. As a result, we use as few plastics as possible.

The suspension sits immediately under your child. This works for your car seat, our carrycot and seat. A new experience, unique and therefore winner of the Innovation Award in 2022 and the Baby Innovation Award in 2023. See where you can experience our stroller.



Open, close or something in between, see what fits the situation best. As an extra benefit, you can easily see your child when you are in the restaurant. If your partner, grandma or grandpa walks together with you, they can also look through the side of the carrycot. Everything can be adapted to your wishes.



Directly under your child, the suspension absorbs all bumps and shocks. Just like the saddle of a bicycle, the suspension is directly under your bottom. On the left you can see the suspension when the carrycot is used. It’s pushed down to show it in action, for example when you go over a bump. With a car seat or with our seat, the suspension works in the same way.



Yes! Space for your stuff, because you will need it when you go out with your little one or little ones. A lot of it and easily accessible from the front or back, whatever suits you best. You can just leave everything in, because you can put The Jiffle wagon  in the car, without folding it. Keep your groceries in!

Watch our demo vidoes. You can choose how you fold our stroller. That is really unique! Full into the car, just like a suitcase or fast when empty or very very small. The freedom to choose what suits your moment best.


The Jiffle cart

Hello freedom! Always a wagon cart with you. Use it when you want to and how you want to. Your kids will love this. They climb in and out themselves. No explanation needed. Extra comfortable with our Cart Seat accessory. Or for your stuff during another adventure. A stroller you can use longer than from birth to 2.5 years. Use it until they are all grown up! From birth to paperboy to… parents.

a life with kids, is a life with more

do more


No fold

Direct into your car, with groceries inside



We give you the freedom to choose. Do you have the luggage space filled with groceries? Then you can just leave it in there. Straight into your car! Just like a suitcase. You can also quickly fold the stroller when it is empty, just leave the push handle on the frame. When you take the wheels off and put them inside, you have the smallest folded stroller available, great!


Very, very small fold

What’s in the box?

The frame, front and rearwheels. Frame carrycot/seat,
bumper bar en push handle.
Fabrics carrycot, seat, cart,
removable seat and sunhood.
Folded with wheels (LxWxH) : 80 cm x 59,5 cm x 40 cm
Smallest folded frame size :
73 cm x 49,5 cm x 24 cm.

What are the dimensions?



Push bar is adjustable in height 85-110 cm
Ventilation in sun canopy and both sides of the carrycot
Ventilation in the back of the seat
Summer seat when removable seat is removed
All wheels can be removed quickly
Seat can be placed on the frame in both directions
Seat can be reclined in 3 positions
Safe five-point harness with one-click to open button
Luggage space can be closed with zippers



Aluminum powder coated matt black frame
Welded extra strong frame
Less plastics, more durable
PU anti-puncture tyres
Washable by hand in warm water
Water resistant and lockable luggage space
Bamboo luggage board
Bamboo Jiffle board with firm grip
Leatherette handles


Extra features

Suspension directly under your child in the frame
Suspension in the front wheels
Three folding choices; full, fast and very small
Large sun canopy for the best protection against a low sun
Reflection on wheels for good visibility
Removable seat for easy to wash
Push bar handle can also rotate
Phone pocket in carrycot