Stroller and wagon cart combination!

During all your adventures, freedom to choose. Everything you need, it’s there when you need it. No worries, just enjoy the moment. Your new adventures start today with The Jiffle wagon stroller.

The Jiffle wagon stroller with carrycot blue

The Jiffle wagon stroller with carrycot

The Jiffle wagon stroller with seat black

With seat

The Jiffle cart with green seat accessory

As wagon cart

Comfortable ride

Unique suspension directly underneath your child.


Room for your stuff

The luggage space can be nicely closed with zippers.

Hitch a ride on The Jiffle board

The Jiffle board is made of durable bamboo with a firm surface grip, so your child won’t slip and can easily hitch a ride.

More adventures with the Jiffle cart

Freedom to be able to see how you’re going to get around.
Your child knows how to use it. Climbs in and out on its own.

More ease of use

The Jiffle wagon is a stroller, ride along board and wagon cart in one! That means so much more is possible. Everything is already at hand, experience it together.

More comfort

Smooth suspension sits directly underneath your child in the carrycot and seat. Your car seat uses the same suspension. Getting out, without any hassle.

More space

Room for your stuff! The big and strong luggage space is easy to close with zippers. Folding together with your luggage is also possible, and it fits fully loaded directly in your car!

Ready to use

How to fold The Jiffle wagon stroller?

How to use the Jiffle cart?


What’s in the box

of the Jiffle wagon stroller?


The frame, with the front and rear wheels.
The frame for the carrycot and seat.
The push bar and carrycot/seat carrier.
All fabrics for the carrycot, seat and wagon, including the removable seat liner and sun hood.


The Jiffle wagon stroller will easily fit in the back of a small car.
When folded the size of the frame is only 80 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm.


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