New colours

Our first stroller comes in black with green,
black with blue or completely in black.

The Jiffle wagon 2 is available in Pine, our
new green,
Clay a beautiful sand like colour and
in Black, which remains timeless style

Of course all accessories com in the same
colours, so they match the stroller of
your choice nicely.



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Big wheels

Frontwheels increased in size from 8 to
9 inch
This way it’s even more easy to
go out on all terrains. The carrycot is also

a bit higher because of by this, making it
easier to place your baby in and take your baby
out of the carrycot.

Loops in the sunhood

A little add on, but oh so convenient.
A toy can now be hung inside the hood, using these small loops.

Carrycot cover

De cover is more closed at the top edge now, to protect your child
a little more against wind on colder days. You can attach this edge
to the inside of the hood with presbuttons. We added an extra
zipper puller, so you can easily open the cover towards you.
Just like a blanket.

Push handle

Detailled in beautiful matt black with
our logo in metal finish. The plastic part
prevents the leatherette material from getting
damaged when folding. It wil not touch the ground,
so your push handle is kept clean.

Luggage space

The front acces to the large luggage space is now closed with
press buttons instead of zippers. This makes it easier to open and
close. Also removing and putting the complete cover back on
is much easier.

Luggage gripe

To make it more convenient to lift a full wagon cart, we added
a gripe in the back of the fabric. This area will also be used to
safely fix the new
 Duo & Cart seat to the frame. A plastic buckle
is used to go trough and closed at the back.

Extra harness

The cart cushion is now a full seat with a 5 point harness.
Our stroller can now be used as a duo stroller. The harness
brings the same comfort and safety as in the main seat.


After folding, the stroller clicks into the foldlock directly. This
makes picking up and carrying the stroller more easy and safe.
TIP: to unfold the stroller, you can also push against the outside of
the fabric. When the cover is hiding the view of lock, for instance.