Duo pram

Always arguing about who gets to sit in the seat first and for how long, recognizing this? The Jiffle wagon is more then a duo pram and solves that problem for you!

A duo pram is a pram designed to carry two children at the same time. It usually has two seats next to, behind or underneath each other. Some models also have the option of attaching a child carrier or car seat. Our Duo pram feature is a good option for parents of siblings with a small age difference, as it allows both children to be transported at the same time. It is even possible to have a third child hitch a ride on our multi-ride board integrated under The Jiffle wagon. If they no longer want to sit in the seat, they can have fun with the wagon, and pulling each other along is guaranteed fun and no more arguments about who gets to go where. So The Jiffle really grows with your family, from car seat, carrycot, seat, pushchair to wagon.
In our video on the homepage, you can see our duo feature. Would you rather test The Jiffle in real life? You can do so at one of our resellers in your area or you  can book free home demonstration when living in The Netherlands.


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