The best pram 2023

Baby inspiration has named The Jiffle wagon the best pram of 2023 in the all-in-one pram category.

The Jiffle wagon is a newly, Dutch design pram. And what a great combination of pram, carrycot and wagon. The Jiffle really is the all-in-one solution for parent and child. From birth, your baby lies comfortably in the carrycot. The mattress is comfortable. A special feature is the possibility of ventilation through the sides of the carrycot.
When your child is about 6 months old, it will want to sit up more and more. This is the perfect time to convert your carrycot into a seat. You can carry your child in two directions with the seat, facing you or facing away from you.
When your child outgrows the seat, or if you are going out for the day, The Jiffle can easily be converted into a wagon. You can transport up to 57 kg.
Even a ride-along board has been thought of. This is fitted as standard in the pushchair, ready to be used. Read our full review of The Jiffle here. Says Baby Inspiration.  Do you want to learn more about The Jiffle wagon? Discover more on this page.