A cloth over the stroller: dangerous!

When it is hot outside, you would like to protect your little one from the sun. Sometimes parents choose to use a cloth to hang over the pram when they go out. Yet it is better not to do this. In fact, research shows that this increases the risk of overheating.

Why is this dangerous?

It may seem as if a cloth repels the sun and therefore keeps your baby cool. But the opposite is true. A cloth actually causes the temperature inside the pram to rise. In addition, the lack of fresh air causes poor air circulation in the carrycot or seat. As a result, your little one may overheat and even dry out. This can lead to life-threatening situations. If a pram is covered with a cloth, the temperature in the stroller can increase by up to 7 degrees, according to research conducted by TUV Netherlands on behalf of Stichting Veilig Kind.

The Jiffle wagon offers extra ventilation.

The Jiffle is ideal and summer and winter. Our pushchair has extra ventilation placed in the carrycot. In fact, you can open both sides of the carrycot for extra ventilation when it gets warmer and easily close it when it gets colder. Your little one will enjoy the view too. But ventilation has also been considered in our sun canopy. Flip the hood all the way open for extra ventilation and shielding the sun from your child’s face. Too dark? You can fold back the front part of the hood to still let a little more light or air through. Ideal, right?

Summer accessories.

For summer, The Jiffle has the insect net as an accessory to keep all the miserable insects out. This one easily stretches over the seat. View all our accessories here.
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