Accessories for your stroller.

When you’re looking to buy a stroller, you’ll discover that there are plenty of matching accessories available as well. They make your walks and outings just a bit more comfortable. In this overview, we’ve listed the most useful accessories for your stroller.

Rain cover.

In the Netherlands, it (unfortunately) rains regularly. To protect your little one and stroller from wetness, a rain cover for the bassinet and seat is a must-have. This accessory is easy to attach, and when not in use, you can fold it up into a small package and place it in the designated elastics in the storage compartment. Ideal!


A footmuff keeps your little one nice and warm when it’s cold outside. So it’s perfect for colder days! Our footmuff is made in two parts so that it can also be used when the weather isn’t too cold. You can remove the bottom part so that it doesn’t get too hot, and it’s also easy to shake out and wash the rain cover.

Insect net.

This keeps all unwanted insects away from your baby. With our insect net, you can confidently go out while your baby can safely enjoy a walk or a nap in the stroller. There’s a zipper on the side of the net so you can easily and quickly access your little one.

Car seat adapters.

With the Jiffle car seat adapters, you can easily click the car seat onto the stroller frame. It’s handy when your baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake them up or when you need to quickly run an errand.

The Jiffle board

Our built-in riding board. If you have a bigger child who has trouble keeping up on long walks, then our integrated riding board is ideal! You can easily slide The Jiffle board out and back in when you don’t need it! You can also easily walk behind it. Fun for everyone!

Wagon seat.

And lastly, our wagon seat. This wagon seat gives your child a comfortable ride, and they can climb in and out of it themselves. Soft under the bottom and good back support. It’s easy to secure it in the wagon with the snaps on the left and right sides. When you partially roll up the cover (part of The Jiffle wagon stroller), your child sits protected and regally. Without the cover, it’s just as easy, whatever works best for you.

Do you want to experience The Jiffle wagon in real life? You can do so at one of our retailers.